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Pest Control For Termites

Pest Control For Termites
Treatment:Sprays, powders, barriers

Pest Control for
TERMITESTermites are a group of Eusocial Insects that live in colonies. Hundreds of thousands in one mound 

  • Termites can destroy a home without you even knowing
  • Termites are fast acting
  • Damage bills can be in the  thousands of dollars  to repair a termites handy work

Termites are quite dangerous little insects as they can destroy your house foundations, furniture, shelves etc, with very little evidence until it’s too late. So becoming familiar with termite infestation signs may help you to  get prompt treatment. A termite infestation can cause major damage to buildings or homes especially those with wooden internal framework.

Signs you have a termite problem include seeing swarms of winged ants.

Do you see any dirt tubes that they may be using to tunnel into or under your home? Dirt tubes are usually brown and roughly the diameter of a pencil

Are there small holes in any furniture or plasterboard on the walls? Termites like to expel their waste from their tunnels, so you may see piles of fecal matter near these tiny holes

These are helpful hints to spot a termite infestation but it’s always safe to book an inspection by a professional who uses pest control for termites.

‘My Pestie’ can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with pest control for TERMITES.