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Pest Control For Cockroaches

Pest Control For Cockroaches
Length:10 - 40mm
Digestive track:Yes
Treatment:Sprays, powders & baits

Pest Control for
COCKROACHESCockroaches are the most common insects we  find in our homes, offices etc.,

Why do I need pest control for cockroaches?

  • Are there visible dead cockroach bodies throughout the house?
  • Some species emit unpleasant smells so serious  infestations will produce a strong oily or musty odor.  
  • Are there any oval-shaped egg cases  visible behind furniture and other strange locations like the spaces between books?
  •  You see droppings similar to mouse droppings, but usually smaller in cupboards, cutlery drawers, pantry etc

All cockroaches are scavengers and will consume any organic matter they come across.  Cockroaches will  eat leather,  soap, discarded  toenails, eyebrows and hair. Even eyelashes! Disgusting right?  Cockroaches  will also devour dry leaves and rotten wood. They will feed on the content of your sewage and even the impression of any food you have left on your kitchen counter tops. Cockroaches are quick to locate these food sources, and can survive without food for up to a month. It’s very rare for a cockroach to die of starvation—unless you cut its head off!  On the rare chance a food source can’t be found, a cockroach  can resolve to biting  a human. Bites are an indicator their is a serious infestation and their population is out of control. If you are bitten , you should seek  pest control for cockroaches from My Pestie  immediately.

My Pestie eliminate cockroaches by using different techniques. All are environmentally friendly and safe for children and safe for pets. Cockroaches eggs are resistant to poisons and may lay dormant for months before hatching. Which makes getting rid of them from Gold Coast homes especially difficult at the best of times. Therefore it’s highly recommended that treatment is only carried out by professionals specialising in pest control for cockroaches.

‘My Pestie’ can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with our pest control for COCKROACHES.